Alcoa Foundation Comes Through For Battle of the Bulge Vets

Our organization is pleased to announce an extremely generous gift from Alcoa Foundation for $15,000. This donation will help send three veterans who fought in the Battle of the Bulge back to Belgium to honor the 70th anniversary of this historic battle.

It is our mission to bring honor, healing, and hope to these aging veterans by returning them to the places where they fought. The trips are a time for the vets to find peace and closure from the things they experienced during war.

What’s special about this September trip back to Belgium, is our veterans will have the opportunity to return to the exact points where they fought, to see the foxholes they dug and spent many freezing nights. Our tour guide is Belgian and was 12-years-old when the Battle of the Bulge took place. He has study it extensively, enabling our veterans to return to those exact spot if they choose.

Forever Young, it’s leaders, volunteers, and veterans are humbled by this generous gift from Alcoa Foundation. They have communicated clearly to us their love for veterans and for freedom and we are forever grateful.