A Letter to a Veteran from a 5th Grader


Many of our senior veterans adore young children. That’s why we try to incorporate them into our trips whenever we can by having them greet the veterans at the memorials or simply write letters. The vets love to see the younger generations excited about World War II and the history of how the they saved the world’s freedom.

Here is one letter written to Army Air Corps Bombardier, Hulan Roberts:

Dear Mr. Hulan Roberts,

 Thank you for taking your time to serve in WWII. Serving your country, your flag, and keeping all civilians safe. You must have guts harder than sheetrock to fight in WWII with all the terrible things that happened in that war and piloting the B-17 Bombardier. Doing all those great things takes guts and not many people like you and  all your comrades who fought, and all the men, and women who served, or serving in the military have guts that strong. So for that I am very thankful for your service.


Zach (5th grader)