It's hard for any of us to imagine what it would have been like to take on the German war machine at only 17, 18, or 19 years old. To witness firsthand that kind of  when The attack on Pearl Harbor pulled a nation at peace into a world at war. This defining moment called on the courage of millions of men and women to stand up for our country and our freedom. Many of those who served in the Pacific made stops at Pearl Harbor on their way to fight the enemy. It is a place they remember and a place they long to return. We need your help getting them back to be honored for their service and sacrifice. The all-inclusive tour costs $5,750 per veteran and comes at no cost to them. It's a small price to honor these heroes for their big sacrifice. The veterans need you. 

June 2-10, 2019

OMAHA BEACH  |  UTAH BEACH  |  St. mEre ├ęglise

And Much More

We hope you'll consider partnering with us to give these men and women the honor they deserve. We're running out of time to give back to the Greatest Generation.

Fundraising Goal: $120,000

RAISED AS OF AUG 15TH: $49,900